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Arabalmanya Biggest Online Platform for Syrians in Germany. Berlin – January 12, 2017- Arabalmanya is an independent Arabic website providing practical information on integration in Germany for Arabic speaking refugees arriving in Germany. With more than 1 million visitors in 2016, the website has become one of the most important online platforms for Syrians in Germany. Arabalmanya translates German job offers, language and integration courses, internships, and other practical information into Arabic, making Arabalmanya very accessible for Arabic speaking new arrivals in Germany. Arabalmanya was founded by Talal Mando in October 2015. Mando, a 28 year old Business Management graduate from Homs, arrived in Germany by the end of 2014. Immediately upon arrival, he discovered and experienced there is a huge gap between the information provided by the German government and legal institutions and the language barrier of the Syrian people. The majority of information provided is written in German, making it hard to understand for people who have just started to learn a new language. One year later, Mando launched his website Arabalmanya, to help and prevent other Syrians from having the same struggles he had experienced himself. Goals

Talal Mando

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